There are many ways to protect ourselves from the sun and hide from the ever burning sun rays. We don’t do it just to escape the heat but also to protect our skin. Yet, when you have a big outdoor place, umbrellas and endless supplies of sun crème simply aren’t enough. You need to stay in the shade. The question is whether to choose shade sails or the classical permanent shade structures. 

Let’s compare costs

Shade Sails are much cheaper than fixed shade structures. The difference is considerable no matter the materials and fabrics used. This is of course, even before we count in the construction costs for fixed shade structures. Shade Sails, on the other hand, won’t be a problem for any DIY enthusiast.

The design is important?

Shade sails come in a variety of bright colours and innovative forms and shapes. They are the best choice for anyone who wants to turn their outdoor space into a trendy place while still staying protected from the sun. Because they are so easy to put up, you can make all sorts of colourful patterns. You can even change them quite often and give your space a new look.

What is the difference?

Permanent shade structures like patios and pergolas are fixed structures. That means that once they are constructed, they stay at that specific place. Learn more about permanent shade structures here at this shade specialists page. They are generally made out of impermeable material and are usually attached to your hours or building. They provide excellent protection against UV rays and make sure you are protectedShade Sails are made out of fabric. They can be easily put up and taken down. 

The fabrics that they are made of can be permeable or impermeable. Sun protection is, however, always ensured. Furthermore, since Shade Sails are not a construction on their own, you do not need to be given a building permit to put one up. 

Where can we use them?

Permanent shade structures have been dominating the market for years when it comes down to public places and parking lots. And while most home-improvement fanatics have tried out shade sails for their outdoor swimming pools or gardens, this type of shade structure was long viewed as “not safe enough.” But, with the newest fabrics, available shade sails have moved away from this stereotype and are now taking over. The hues of the fabric and the various options for designs of the shade sails make them great for backyards and pools. Consider protecting your backyard pool with a pool shade sail.They provide an inspiring and colourful environment while protecting the kids from the harmful sunrays

What’s more, because you do not a lot of construction time when you use sails, that is becoming more and more wanted for car exhibitions or even permanent car parks. Find more information on car park shade structures to protect your establishment customers cars from harsh sun rays. Although permanent shade structures have been protecting us for years, they have served their purpose, and it is now time for them to step away from the scene and give way to the new and trendy shade sails. Inexpensive, easy to put and colourful the shade sails are here to stay and are becoming a must-have both for the personal and public outdoor places.