Do you know what type of sleepwear is best for your body type? Whether you're curvy, thin, or somewhere in between, there is a perfect style of sleepwear out there. This blog post will help guide you to find the right fit and fabric for your body shape.

Pyjamas for women with a curvy body type: 

Women with curves should wear sleepwear that hug their figure. You can't go wrong with soft lace and silk, so look for chemises or short gowns. Ruffles are also great because they create volume without adding weight to your hips and thighs. 

Pyjamas for women with a thin or athletic body type: 

For the woman who is slender through the waist and hips, look for pyjama sets in lightweight cotton. This material will breathe well when you sleep, so your skin won't feel clammy. The top should be fitted but not snug because it's better to have  the bottoms be the tight part. 

Pyjamas for women with a full or voluptuous body type: 

For those who are more generously proportioned, look for loose-fitting sleepwear tops that have billowy sleeves and will cover up your tummy. The bottom should taper at the waist so it  will hug your hips and thighs. 

Pyjamas for women with a tall or short body type: 

For the vertically challenged, fitted pyjama tops are best because they will create an elongating line that you can use to offset any disproportionate height issues. And high-waist bottoms help camouflage long legs if you prefer  not to show too much skin. 

Where to buy women's sleepwear online

If you don't have a store nearby that sells women's sleepwear, the internet is your best bet for where to buy them. When buying women's sleepwear online I would encourage you to find a store which is some-what local so you can be confident about the quality and returns policies. However if you cannot find anything in your area you can always try popular sites such as Amazon and eBay, however you will need to be careful on the quality of the products you receive.